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At the age of five, Sinenhlanhla was brought to us by social workers at Känguru Children's Home. She had previously lived with her grandfather after her parents had simply abandoned her there. Sinenhlanhla remembers the time very well, "I was always very hungry and scared." Malnourished, neglected and barely able to express herself, she visibly blossomed in the care of Känguru. It quickly became clear to us that this sweet girl, who lives with the congenital joint stiffness "Arthrogryposis Multiplex", has excellent cognitive qualities. Känguru has helped the smart, sassy and knowledge-hungry Sinenhlanha develop amazing skills: she uses her mouth to write, draw and move objects. We are helping her realize her dreams for a happy future, which would be impossible without the support of our donors.

Many more children are just waiting for their dreams to come true as well. Your donation can help. And every donation counts!

Donation Account

Kanguru Institute for the Disabled
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Absa Bank
Account: 407 147 0731
Branch Code: 632 005

Kindly send proof of payment to so that we can send you the Section 18A document as thanks and acknowledgment.


Accompany a child's life


Känguru gives children with disabilities a loving home and enables them to live in dignity in South Africa. For us, this means accompanying and supporting our children in the Känguru children's home throughout their lives. Without the help of our donors this would be impossible. We are therefore particularly dependent on permanent help. With a sponsorship at Känguru you help to improve the situation of our children in the long term and to reinvent the stories of our children. Take over a sponsorship for one of our children or for the entire children's home now.

Experience how your sponsored child grows up. As a sponsor, you will also receive a sponsorship certificate and an annual report on how your child has developed. You will also recieve a Section 18A document for tax purposes.

Sponsorship for one child: R500.00 per month.
Home sponsorship: R500.00 – R1000.00 per month.
Corporate sponsorship for one child: R5 000.00 - R10 000.00 per month.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about a possible sponsorship? Then they write us gladly at

We are looking forward to your message!

Time is worth more than money


"In no second did I feel strange and new, but rather a homey feeling of belonging immediately set in." That's what Justine says about her time as a volunteer here with us at Känguru Children's Home. As a volunteer with us, you have the chance to become a part of our Känguru family. You can determine the duration yourself. Day by day new impressions are waiting for you. Together with our children you will play, paint, sing and laugh. But most of all, you will become a part of the moments that make their lives worth living. To see how happy and grateful the children are is probably the most beautiful gift. With your commitment you will give the children a precious time. You will also have many unforgettable moments and wonderful experiences. Time is sometimes worth more than money, which is why we would like to offer everyone the opportunity to get socially involved. Feel free to write us a message at and introduce yourself briefly to start your adventure!


Are you ready to make a difference with your dedication? Experience unforgettable moments with our children and give them a wonderful time? Become part of the Löwenmut family as a volunteer and help make the world a better place!

Quick FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about donating.

How can I support Känguru?

You can support us in many different ways. Donations are essential for us, as the South African government only pays a portion of the necessary costs for the operation of the home. We are always very happy to receive donations in the form of money, as we can then use it where it is needed most urgently. Occasionally, we are also on the lookout for specific material items that are needed at the home right now. Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook channels to see what in-kind donations are needed right now and if you can contribute. As a Känguru volunteer, you'll be giving your life to our children and contributing to a better quality of life for them.

How do donations in kind work?

You would like to help Känguru with a donation in kind? We are glad that you think of us. But currently the freight costs are higher than the things we buy directly on site. It's best if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, because we always post info there when donations in kind are needed. If you donate money, you are also welcome to specify what exactly the donation money should be used for, but with free donations we can decide better and on a daily basis where the need is greatest.

How can I help most effectively?

Free donations are the most effective way to help. Because we can then use the money exactly where it is needed most.


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