The construction of a solar plant - our most important project.

Ensuring power supply in the children's home - vital for some children's survival!

The problem with electricity in South Africa:

Although the infrastructure in South Africa has been improved in recent years, the local energy suppliers cannot ensure a constant supply of energy. As a result, the power goes out for many hours every day. This is a critical and untenable situation for the care and treatment of disabled and seriously ill children. Some of them need the support of medical equipment and must be kept warm during the cold winter months, in South Africa as well. Or our baby drop: if the power supply is out longer than our emergency diesel generator can run, it is very difficult to monitor the baby drop. Without power, we also have a hard time providing security.

How can the problem be solved?

We need to become independent of public electricity. The solution: a solar system! This should not only produce electricity for acute use, but also store solar energy. In addition, the system must be sufficiently large and, above all, sustainable.

Where should the panels be installed?

The panels are to be installed on our new building "the sun".
The large solution with 80 kw, 273 panels currently costs the equivalent of about 3.607.668,40 R.
The small intermediate solution with 30 kw, 80 panels currently costs the equivalent of about 1.682.227,40 R.

We need your help!

The plant is urgently needed, but without help we cannot finance it. To get a little closer to our goal of the solar plant, we are applying for grants from various institutions, but private donations are also needed - absolutely every euro counts!

Help and donate to finance the solar plant, to secure the electricity permanently and to ensure the supply of the children!

Future view - solar system

What we do

Donations and funds have made it possible for us to realize our dream. We have created a unique place full of love and hope for children with disabilities and life-shortening illnesses. A place where they get the support they need to develop properly. We address the needs of each child individually and offer them both therapeutic and educational support.

We have an inclusion kindergarten, an animal farm, a vegetable garden and greenhouse, a healing garden and the children's home.

Even though we have been active for so many years, we are still in the process of development and construction - because somehow there is always something to do and we always have new ideas to meet the needs of the children.

Our most recent project is "the sun rays": a new building that will give more children a home. Donations have made it possible for us to have all five "rays" of our sun built by 2023 and to give 70 children a home. Our farm and the vegetable and herb garden are also still under construction. Here, however, the children already have the opportunity to learn how to handle animals and to experience herbs and vegetables with all their senses. Another building block for the children's development is the newly established Snoezle Room, which offers various therapeutic activities. It is a wonderful retreat for children with disabilities and life-shortening illnesses, as it has a very calming effect on them. We have made it our mission to bring the children closer to the beauty of life, day by day. And so we created numerous opportunities for them to unfold again and again.



A garden for healing

An increase in the cost of living has made staple foods, such as potatoes, tomatoes and pumpkins become more and more expensive in South Africa and thus unaffordable for many people. Yet a healthy and balanced diet is essential for everyone. Therefore, we are especially happy about our vegetable garden in raised beds. Here we can grow our own food. In addition to our vegetables, a wide variety of herbs are also planted here. Rosemary, lavender, artemisia, sage and other kinds have a healing effect on our children. Blind and deaf-blind children have the opportunity to feel, smell and taste our vegetables and herbs. This is an exciting experience for them. The garden is not only a place for the children to heal, but also a place where they will find work. Thanks to the raised beds and barrier-free access pathways, children in wheelchairs also have the opportunity to garden here without any problems.

Barrier free playground

Like everything on our facilities, our playground is also barrier-free. None of our children are treated in such a disadvantaged way. We have also created equal opportunities for all within our grounds. On the playground our children have the opportunity to let off steam and have fun: Fun is preprogrammed!

Inclusive kindergarden

In our inclusive kindergarten, the needs of each and for every child are addressed individually. All children should have the same opportunities to participate in quality education and develop their potential, regardless of special learning needs. This kindergarten is a place where children with disabilities come together with healthy able-bodied children from the community and be cared for together. The children should feel equally welcome here and a discrimination-free learning environment should be created.

Heart project: Animal farm

Our animal farm is a heart project of former home director Sam Boshielo. Although it is still under construction, our children already have the chance to experience unique moments with the animals and gain experience with them. The children love spending time with the animals on the farm, which also benefits them greatly in terms of their health. Although psychological and physical problems are not solved by contact with animals alone, the animal can support the healing process effectively.

Our caregivers

Our staff members are dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with disabilities. They do their work out of a passion. Around the clock, they are available to our children and are responsible for raising them. All this makes them an indispensable part of our Känguru family.


Passing on instead of just giving

We want to be a role model in dealing with children with disabilities or life-shortening illnesses. After all, children are children, who, with the right support, can succeed in realising and even exceeding their individual potential. In our children's home, the children find more than just a home and the necessary food. They find a loving family with whom they can spend and share their lives, where they receive individual support and are never alone. The love the children have for each other is incredible. The rule here is: one for all and all for one.


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